Check out what our homeowners have to say!

“Our family recently re-located to Simpsonville. The relocation process from up north was so onerous that our family simply could not get down to our new home to supervise the installation of our new Coretec Floor, carpeting and garage epoxy. As such, Allen and his team were left to complete the job without our family being present.

Upon our arrival, we were simply blown away as Allen had transformed our house from a dated home into a showplace. We are fortunate enough to own a very large and spacious home and the Coretec floor throughout seems to extend forever. Regardless of where you stand in the house, the incredible quality of Allen’s work can be seen in every panel that was installed. The floor is simply seamless.

The same holds true with respect to Allen’s installation of the oak caps on our stairway. The work on the stairs is meticulous. It’s as if the caps had been installed when the house was originally built.

We thought it would be best if we created some variation in the decor of the house. As such, we decided to install carpeting throughout the second floor of the house. Our concerns as to one person installing such a variance of flooring were allayed when we examined the carpet installation. Again, only the term seamless can be used to describe the installation. It’s as if Allen used one piece of carpeting.

Finally we come to the piece de resistance of the job. At least to the undersigned, the only male in the house. Allen made my garage into a showroom! ! The garage epoxy that he installed makes the garage floor look as if it should be a room in the actual living space of the home. I only wish the contents of my garage looked as good as the floor does.

In summation, Allen is an expert when it comes to flooring installation. My family and I recommend him for his residential builders license without hesitation.”